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Let our Media Team elevate your brand and bring your vision to life!

Meet our team of passionate visual storytellers who are ready to embrace your vision and take your project to the next level. Below you can find everything from photography, videography, event branding and graphic design.
Stefani Longshamp
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Introducing Proc, the visionary videographer who stands at the forefront of our media team. With a remarkable portfolio boasting events like Extrema Outdoor, Rampage, Tomorrowland, Intercell, Voodoo Village, and many more, Proc has etched his name in the world of visual storytelling.

Capturing the Essence of Moments

With an uncanny ability to capture the essence of each event, Proc specializes in crafting mesmerizing aftermovies that transport you back to the heart-pounding energy and magic of the moment. His lens transforms mere footage into a symphony of emotions, letting you relive the thrill, the music, and the atmosphere long after the event ends.

Aerial Poetry in Motion

Proc is also our resident drone virtuoso. His mastery of the skies elevates every project, providing breathtaking aerial perspectives that add depth and grandeur to his work. Whether it's a sweeping festival panorama or a cinematic landscape shot, his drone footage takes visual storytelling to new heights.

Setting the Rhythm with Music Videos

In addition to capturing live events, Proc is a maestro when it comes to music videos. He possesses an innate understanding of rhythm and tempo, using his camera to choreograph visuals that harmonize seamlessly with the beat of the music. The result? Music videos that are as much a visual spectacle as they are an auditory one.

The Cornerstone of Our Team

Proc's extensive experience and dedication make him the most seasoned member of our media team. His ability to adapt to diverse creative demands and his commitment to perfection are the driving forces behind our visual excellence.

As you explore Proc's work, you'll discover his passion for storytelling, his commitment to excellence, and his dedication to creating visually stunning content.


Collaborate with Proc and let him transform your vision into a visual masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression.

Inceptionz 'Captain Bass Bday Bash' 2023 - Aftermovie by Proc

FPV for Intercell Events

999999999 @ Extrema Outdoor 2023

Black Coffee @ Extrema Outdoor 2023