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DJ Premium

The most experienced artist on our roster, DJ Premium has performed at iconic events & festivals across Europe including Hospitality, Rampage, One Nation, Innovation, Breaking Science, Invaderz & more. As you would expect, entertaining crowds on a weekly basis is second nature to Premium. If that wasn't enough, his own music has clocked up millions of plays across various platforms with an impressive back catalog of releases on labels such as; Deeprot, Low Down Deep & Dubz Audio. Well aware of the consistency needed to sustain a career in the music industry, Premium spends most of his time in the studio preparing new music for his DJ sets.



Rising star from the U.K. Known for the unique, yet highly versatile sound he has quickly come to champion. Collaborating with artists such as Tsuki, Nu Elementz & Sub Zero to name a few, Toxinate is fast making his mark on the drum and bass scene. Quickly finding himself on the mainstages of events such as Inceptionz, Next Hype & Criticalz, his authentic style and attention to detail makes Toxinate one of the most fascinating, eye-catching talents of today. Taking a vowel to stay one step ahead of his competitors, Toxinate has been working overtime in the studio lately, resulting in a string of popular releases such as the highly acclaimed Backhand EP.


Master Error

Receiving support and working alongside some of the biggest names in drum and bass is nothing new for Master Error. Having released on Ram Records, Crucast & other high-profile labels, this talented young artist from Luxembourg brings a twisted concoction of styles to the table, unlike anything you've ever heard before. Having performed on events such as; Rampage, Invaderz, Bad Habitz & many more, Master Error certainly has what it takes to keep a crowd going crazy, time and time again.

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DJ Profile

Hailing from London and a legend in the game, DJ Profile blesses our roster with a variety of styles. One of the pioneers of drum and bass, he has been active for many years, quickly becoming a master of his craft. Profile is no stranger to making his own music, boasting hit releases on various prestigious record labels. Supported by his peers and traveling the world for DJ bookings, there seems to be no stopping Profile!



After gaining a reputation for his cutting-edge, heavy, fast-paced sets JTR has been a firm favorite in the Belgian drum and bass scene for many years. Performing regularly at all the top events including Rampage, Invaderz, Skakmania, Inceptionz, Bad Habitz & more. You know what to expect when you book this artist, a quality that time has proven works over and over again. Watch out for his forthcoming releases on Exert Records.


DJ Eazy

Veteran DJ & producer from the U.K. Eazy has been a force to be reckoned with in the drum and bass scene for years. Performing around the world at events such as: Rampage, Nox, Xcellerated (L.A), and Invaderz to name a few. Eazy is not only known for his impressive DJ sets but also for championing music production and has graced prestigious labels such as: Ram Records, Program, Dub Damage & his own imprint, Walking Dead Recordings. Specializing in his oldskool sets, DJ Eazy is able to draw from years of experience headlining events in Europe on a regular basis.



Fresh-faced talent Noir joins our prestigious roster. After quickly gaining a loyal following and mastering his production skills, Noir is ready and waiting to turn heads at any event. The originality and creative output of this artist make Noir the perfect addition to any lineup. We can say with confidence you are booking an artist that gives an experience that is so unique, that you will be immersed in a creative chasm quite like no other. 



No stranger to performing at events, Zoom has graced the stages of Skankmania, Inceptionz, Alcatraz, Inexplicated & more. With his unique combination of styles and influences, Zoom stands out from the ever-increasing sea of upcoming artists. Showcasing mostly his own music, when Zoom is performing you will be taken on a creative journey through the adventurous mind of this talented young artist.

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Fresh-faced Shifu has been causing a stir in drum and bass for the past few years, rising the ranks quickly with his signature sound of grotty yet high-energy DJ Sets. Performing at events across the UK and Europe, Shifu is no stranger to entertaining crowds leaving a long list of satisfied promoters and ravers behind him. Releasing numerous hits on labels such as Exert Records, Good4Nothing & Sub Motionz. Shifu firmly cemented his role at the forefront of the modern-day drum and bass scene.

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The big man from Antwerp, previously known as Hives. After taking some time to focus on his own music, Fello regained activity in drum and bass in 2020. Within an instant, he was back hitting harder than ever. Armed to the teeth with fresh music and his mischievous new alias, Fello quickly set about reclaiming his place on lineups with a flurry of releases surprising people will his brand new sound. 

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Hot on the heels of his peers and fast becoming a household name in the Belgian dnb scene, Lixed has already found his place on local and international events such as Inceptionz, Bad Habitz, Motion, Criticalz, Collapse (Vienna) & Frat (Budapest). Making such fast progression since his relatively recent inception into drum and bass, it's easy to understand why Lixed is the name on everyone's lips at the moment. 

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MC Drivah

After hosting the main stages of Rampage, Nox, Sunrise Festival & Paaspop, MC Drivah knows exactly how to handle performing to a large audience. Equipped with an extremely diverse music taste and skillset, MC Drivah is the perfect addition to any lineup. Versatile and well experienced, you can be sure you are leaving the microphone in capable hands.

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Anulix caught our eye by the versatility he delivers through his music and live performances, as a younger artist he already has the ear of a much more experienced producer. After creating his signature sound he wasted no time in delving deeper into the full spectrum of drum and bass and beyond. Performing at events such as Inceptionz, Criticalz, Motion, Proxic and many more, Anulix is perfectly capable of handling his business when it comes to entertaining the audience. 

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Proc (Media)

With an impressive portfolio including some of the biggest events & festivals in Europe, Proc is known for providing a professional, high-quality, highly efficient service to his clients. Offering a variety of media services, we can help you get the most promotional value from your events. Please contact us for his full portfolio and packages.

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