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Introducing Exert Agency. 

Explore the captivating biography of Exert Agency. Learn about our diverse roster of creators and uncover our commitment to providing stress-free and efficient services.

About Us



Exert Talent and Media Agency, founded in 2019, emerged as a beacon of hope for countless artists seeking to navigate the labyrinthine world of entertainment and media. From its humble beginnings, Exert has evolved into a powerhouse in the industry, guiding both emerging talents and established artists toward their rightful place in the spotlight. This is their story.


A Vision Takes Shape


In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of entertainment, there was a need for a talent agency that understood the unique challenges and aspirations of artists. In 2019, Exert Talent and Media Agency was conceived, driven by the vision of creating a nurturing platform for artistic growth. The agency is headed by experienced professionals who have lived the lives of performers, event promoters, and artists themselves.


The Diverse Roster of Excellence


Exert boasts a diverse roster of artists, a veritable mosaic of the industry's finest talents. The agency's commitment to both up-and-coming and established artists sets it apart. Whether a fresh talent bursting with potential or a seasoned performer looking to reinvent, Exert provides the platform to grow, develop, and flourish.


The agency represents artists from a wide spectrum of creative fields, including DJ’s, Vocalists, Videographers, Photographers, Visual artists, and more. It's this diversity that gives Exert a unique perspective on the multifaceted world of entertainment.


A Stress-Free and Efficient Service


At Exert, the well-being of artists is a top priority. The agency understands the intricacies and stresses that accompany the pursuit of an artistic career. To ease this journey, they offer a stress-free and efficient service that encompasses everything from talent management to career development.


Exert's team of experienced professionals is committed to ensuring that artists receive the support they need. They provide guidance in areas such as contract negotiations, marketing, event management, and brand development. The agency takes pride in being a trusted partner in the artistic journey.


A Role in the Nightlife Industry


Exert Talent and Media Agency's influence extends beyond talent management. The founders' background in event promotion has given them unique insight into the nightlife industry. They understand the intricate dance between artists, venues, and promoters. This insight allows them to better represent their artists and ensure that they thrive in the nightlife ecosystem.


Exert's role in event promotion has allowed them to foster strong relationships with venues, clubs, and other industry players. This network strengthens the agency's position in the industry and benefits the artists they represent.


Additional Services and a Dazzling Portfolio


In addition to talent management, Exert Talent and Media Agency has diversified its offerings to include a wide range of media and creative services, making it a one-stop solution for artists and event organizers.


Exert's extensive portfolio includes providing artists and media services for some of the most iconic events and festivals in Europe. Their involvement in these events has not only showcased their expertise but also elevated the profiles of the artists they represent. Whether it's coordinating performances, managing media relations, or creating captivating content, Exert plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of these events.


Creativity Beyond Boundaries


Exert's commitment to artistic excellence extends to the world of multimedia. The agency proudly offers graphic design, videography, and photography services. These additional services provide clients with the tools necessary to present themselves in the best possible light and captivate their audiences.


From designing stunning promotional materials to crafting visually compelling music videos, Exert's creative team goes above and beyond to help artists and clients alike realize their creative vision. Their videography and photography services capture the essence of each moment, producing content that leaves a lasting impression.


Exert Talent and Media Agency's unwavering dedication to the arts, commitment to its artists, and its ability to seamlessly blend talent management with media and creative services make it a dynamic force in the industry. With a stellar portfolio of major events, an array of multimedia services, and a diverse roster of artists, Exert continues to shape the dreams of both emerging and established talents across Europe and beyond.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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